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Running and Diabetes?

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Ada tak runner kat sini yang ada diabetes?

Macam mana korang manage condition tu sambil aktif berlari?

Ada tips atau nasihat yang korang boleh kongsi?

Mungkin, pengalaman anda boleh bagi idea dan semangat untuk mereka yang lain teruskan gaya hidup sihat.?

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1. Please get doctor’s approval if you participate in any long distance or long training plan
2. The risk of fluctuations of blood sugar is there
Hyperglycemia- blood sugar can shoot up very high due to metabolism of glucose and fat oxidation to supply you energy, it will go down in some time. Monitoring blood sugar prick after 2 hours or use CGM. Please get adequate hydration as this may also be the cause
Hypo- low blood sugar. May cause faint, dizziness - check if its too low. Recommended to check pre-blood glucose before starting your training or race
3. SUITABLE SHOWS, extra leg care - please go extra miles for this. Running itself may cause some blisters, luka luka kaki, clot dekat kuku kaki. If luka, cuci betul. Get advices on how to take of it better
4. Peri-nutrition (pre, during, post)
Following healthy plate ALL the time for big meals. No meal skipping. Pre snacks mesti ambil.
Get 30-60g for every 1 hour of duration. And postmeal with high protein and carbs.

If you’re a beginner especially, see how far you can go. All in all I strongly advice you to ask your doctor if any adjustment of medication needed, get dietitian’s advice for your nutrition needs. All the best!

-dietitian ‘aqilah


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