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Sometimes its good to run with just feelings

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First of All, no hate.
Nowadays i see too many runners are too concern about Watching Their Heart rate zone,BPM, Pace, Duration, Distance

This thing is a good thing, but For me, People need to do at least free running without anything, just running freely without needs to concern about ur pace or whatsoever At least once for week.

Thinking too much things about it when ur running isnt good for your mental.Sometiems you need to feel the element of Enjoy in running freely.
Enjoy the scenery and Peace

From some random runners.


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Yes! While just run with our easy effort, it just feel so good. Nothing else matters that time 😌

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true. i'm not using any smartwatch ke chest strap ke apa. lari togel. masuk event pun sama. just record strava kat phone, pakai earbud pastu train lari sampai habis. dah habis train baru tengok balik. lagi focus, tak stress sangat dan enjoy. kadang kadang boleh kira sendiri bpm dan boleh feel badan sendiri kat zone mana masa train tu. nak share je. hehehe. after all, there is no one-size-fits-all approach, right?


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